Children's stool

Children’s Sofa Buying Guide

What aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a children’s sofa

1.Pay attention to the environmental protection of children’s sofa materials
When we choose a children’s sofa, in addition to paying attention to the appearance and appearance of the sofa, we also need to pay special attention to the material of the sofa, whether it is environmentally friendly, containing formaldehyde, etc., because the growth of the child is our most concerned issue.
2. Pay attention to the safety of children’s sofas
Children are more active, and they have no safety awareness, so when choosing a children’s sofa, you should also pay attention to safety, such as stability, and whether there are some protruding things that will hurt the child, these are all What we need to pay special attention to when choosing a children’s sofa.

Grey Elephant Soft Plush Children’s Chair

Grey Elephant Soft Plush Children's Chair

This cartoon design small sofa, the pattern is very cute, the children like it very much, the use of environmentally friendly materials, can ensure the health of the sofa that the baby sits on, the small size mini sofa specially designed for children, can meet the use of 1 to 9 years old children, sit up , feel very comfortable.
Sitting on the bottom of the sofa is enlarged and widened to make the whole sofa more stable and the child to sit on it more safely.

The character chair is both a cute room decor and a kid’s favorite plush companion. The rich fabrics, sweet three-dimensional surfaces and soft yet sturdy design are loved by everyone

Premium and Comfortable Toddler Recliner

Premium and Comfortable Toddler Recliner

The Sweet Seats Comfortable Character Chair is the perfect soft seating solution for toddlers who love to play and play with a comfortable partner. Once playtime is over, Sweet Seats provides your child with the break time and relaxation they need to restore harmony. They’re great as room decor and as a kid’s favorite plush toy. While kids love our statement seats, parents will be delighted to know they can easily wash and care for their Sweet Seat furniture.







Children's stool

The best kids chair

Best Kids Chair Buying Guide

Whether you’re setting up a playroom so your kids can have their own coloring nook, or setting up a cozy tea party in an area of the bedroom, it’s a great idea to make some chairs for the kids. Sure, they can sit in “adult” chairs, but chairs designed for children are just the right size for their needs. The best chairs for kids improve posture and are comfortable so they can focus on the task at hand instead of thinking about their chair.
When shopping for chairs for children, you’ll find a variety of options. Some are built for kids who can barely walk. Others are suitable for older children. Some have tabletop elements for painting, writing, and other creative pursuits.
In this buying guide, we take a look at the kids chairs on the market today, providing tips, pricing information, and product recommendations so you can get the best purchase possible. Learn about the many options available.

Key Considerations
Child seats can be used for children of different ages. Some are for toddlers and some are for elementary school students.
In general, you can find chairs for two or three year olds and eleven or twelve year olds. Some are adjustable, giving them the flexibility to use them over a period of time.
A child can quickly outgrow a chair, but what if the chair grows with them? Some children’s chairs are adjustable for this purpose. You can adjust the size of the chair over time.
Children 12 years old and older can use chairs with adequate adjustment points. Some chairs can also be adjusted to better meet individual ergonomic needs.
Note that some chairs can be easily adjusted by children, while others require adult assistance.

Adjustable chair

adjustable chair

Our children’s chairs are made of high-quality polypropylene. Polypropylene material will not crack, chip or peel even if it is used for a long time. In addition to being sturdy, they are surprisingly light, with soft rounded corners and easy to move around the room.The activity chair is specially designed for children. We strictly follow the design and manufacture of children’s ergonomics. The curved and breathable backrest ensures the development of the spine, and is not tired after sitting for a long time. It is suitable for daily use.

Children’s cartoon chair

Children's cartoon chair


Child seat comfort is not just a matter of promoting good posture. Comfortable children are also better able to focus on their work. Chair elements that can enhance comfort include soft or plush exteriors, padding (high-density memory foam is common), and rounded elements such as armrests.


From small office chairs to small lounge chairs, some children’s chairs mimic adult chairs. However, kids chairs aren’t necessarily limited to the neutral colors that adults tend to put in living rooms. For children, there are chairs in a variety of colours, from beige and black to electric blue, pink and metallic gold. Chairs featuring popular comic book and cartoon characters are also common, as are chairs depicting animals. Some chairs even take the shape of animals!

Wooden children’s chair

wooden children's chair

The chair is just the right size for small children and is made of learning wood that is durable and easy to clean. These 2 gaming chairs have a classic silhouette that will look great in your kid’s bedroom, living room or any other room in the house


Measure to determine proper size. You can sit your child in an existing chair with their feet flat on the floor. Measure from the sole of the foot to the back of the knee. This is the ideal seat height size for your child right now.
Remember the temporary nature of “favorite” childhood characters. A chair with a cartoon character your child loves today is great, but will they love the character three years from now? If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that will stand up to the years, go for something more neutral.
Note that matching desks are sometimes available. If you find a chair you really like, you might find a color-coordinated table or other item.




Bottom storage coat rack

Recommended Coat Racks with High Cost-effectiveness in 2022

   The coat rack is a small household for hanging clothes, and people often put it in the bedroom or in the living room. In addition to the storage function of this small piece of home, it also has a certain impact on home decoration, so when choosing a coat rack, pay attention to the consistency of style and size matching, of course, color coordination is also very important. The subjective consistency of the style, the coat rack is usually placed in the bedroom or the cloakroom. The indoor environment blends together. The color coordination, the color of the coat rack should match the bedroom or cloakroom, the two correspond to each other to achieve the overall harmony and unity, and visually echo each other to give the owner a comfortable and intuitive feeling. Size compatibility, the size of the coat rack should match the length of the owner’s clothing and the number of hanging clothes. If there are many long coats, you should buy a longer coat rack. If you only hang coats, coat hats The height of the rack can be lowered slightly.

1. Solid wood coat rack product recommendation:
Advantages: ①. The material of the solid wood coat rack is environmentally friendly and healthy, and it is not harmful to people’s bodies.
②. The solid wood coat rack is beautifully carved, the visual effect is quite realistic and beautiful, and it is of great decorative value.
③. The solid wood coat rack has a natural breath, making your life more full of natural breathing and so on.
④. The solid wood coat rack is very attractive, and the frame body gives you a rounded touch, making life more full and comfortable.

Living room storage, tree-shaped design adds interest to the original dull living room and makes guests shine
The sundries are organized, and the hats and bags are properly placed to make the originally cherished objects more precious

Flat design: It occupies a small space and can be assembled freely, adding the joy of life.

Staggered and orderly, with clear forks, improve clothing storage rate and make better use of space

Solid wood foldable floor coat rack

solid wood foldable floor coat rack

Strong load-bearing: made of solid wood, with stronger load-bearing capacity; large capacity: the destination of clothes and hats; clever design: can be folded and placed; quality accessories: high-strength hardware connectors to ensure firm and reliable structure; multi-function card slot: card slot design, easy to fold , when using, just unfold and buckle. Solid wood storage base: Made of natural solid wood, strong and load-bearing. It can increase the stability and bearing capacity of the coat rack.

Nowadays, young people pursue fashion and prefer creative and thoughtful things. Concise, generous and low-key connotation are the characteristics of many young people nowadays, and there is a decoration style that perfectly interprets this characteristic, which is the “Nordic style” that everyone generally talks about.

Nordic wrought iron floor hanger

Nordic wrought iron floor hanger

High temperature baking paint: high temperature baking paint process, smooth paint surface, delicate touch, anti-corrosion and anti-rust; 3 metal frame: iron frame structure, high gloss, strong bearing capacity; thickened iron base: high-quality iron base design, strong and durable; If you like simple Nordic style, then this coat rack is the best choice, simple and reasonable design, warm and soft tones give a sense of comfort and harmony.




Bottom storage coat rack

Freestanding Portable Wardrobe Rack

Freestanding wardrobe organizer

Freestanding wardrobe organizer

About this item

  • ✔【Incredible Weight Capacity】:Heavy duty metal frame combine with thick particle board makes the it super stable and sturdy, no wobble and collapse. The bearing capacity is 300 lb. Ideal for being a long-term clothes rack closet organizer system.
  • ✔【Large Storage Solution】 :Double hanging bar wide enough for your garments, each side hold up 60 lb .4 smaller shelves and 2 bigger shelves ensure you plently of room to place clothes, accessories, shoes etc. And put large box or off-season clothes on the top for added storage.
  • ✔【Freestanding & Portable Wardrobe Rack】: The vintage storage organizer perfect for clothes and shoes in cramped closets. Making small spaces more functional. Simple and functional design adds instant storage to any room. Easily transport your freestanding wardrobe.
  • ✔【Multifunctional Storage Rack】: Its compact design makes it ideal for any place of your home without taking too much space with lot of stroage space. Such as laundry room, bedroom, walk-in closet ,kitchen, attic, basement and garage

Double rod coat hanger with storage rack

Double rod coat hanger with storage rack

Tribesigns Free standing Closet Organizer with double handing bar and stoarge shelves

Tribesigns freestanding clothes closet offer you a super sturdy and stable option for creating garment and accessories storage, sure to hold up 300 lb,

without wobble and collapse.

Its compact design makes it ideal for any place of your home without taking too much space.

  • ✔ Double hanging bar for plenty garments
  • ✔ Top large shelf for large box or off-season clothes.
  • ✔ 4 small storage sheves for folded clothing, blanket or hats
  • ✔ Bottom large shelf for shoes or boxes
  • ✔ Super sturdy and stable, bearing weight is 300 lb
  • ✔ Quick and easy installation,ideal for being a long-term clothes rack

Double hanging bar

Double hanging bar wide enoght for your garments. .Each bar hold up 20lb.

smaller shelvles

4 small storage sheves for folded clothing, blanket or hats

Bottom Shelf Storage Space

A catch-all for heels, boots and other articles formerly tossed to the floor.



Bottom storage coat rack

Attractive sturdy multifunctional hanger

With top rack and shoe and clothes storage rack

With top rack and shoe and clothes storage rack

About this item

  • PLENTY STORAGE SPACE – This clothes stand equipped with 1 top rod,2 hooks and 2 tiers storage shelf to give you more storage options.Can be used in hallway, bedroom, living room, balcony, office and shop, as you wish
  • CONSIDERATE DETAILS DESIGN – Top rod provides 41.7” sufficient space to hang any long pants, overcoats and dresses;Widen and thicken bottom shelf providing a great bearing capacity;Sunken screw holes and well polished bamboo to prevent any scratches of your family
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL APPLICATIONS – This hanging clothing rack can also be used as a plant hanging rack.Heavy duty bottom shelf can storage your big flowerpots;hanging plants that can be suspended by the top rod;2 hooks can be used to hang garden tools, bags, hats, umbrellas, etc
  • PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – This heavy duty hanging garment rack made of eco-friendly phyllostachys pubescens,waterproof and no deformation,durable and solid.Easy to follow instructions and all required tools are included for convenience

Bamboo Garment Coat Hanger

Bamboo Garment Coat Hanger

Functional Garment Rack

Bring convenience to your life

This attractive sturdy and multifunctional clothes rack is a perfect solution for you to storage hats, ties, scarves, bags, coats , sweaters, shoes, even storage boxes and etc, in Hallway, bedroom, living room, balcony, office and shop.You can also use it as a flower stand to place large plants indoors or outdoors.

Bamboo Hanger

Bamboo Hanger

About this item

  • Functional and Practical Clothes Shelf – Top rod provides 52”sufficient hanging space for your daily outfits or seasonal clothes, top and bottom shelves give you much storage space for folded clothes, shoes, baskets or other accessories; keeps small space into organized and tidy
  • Modern and Multifunctional Organizer RackThis multi clothing shelves can also serve as clothes drying rack, plant rack, attractive in the living room, guest room, entryway, laundry room; elegant bamboo texture gives your room natural feeling
  • Bamboo Material – This freestanding clothes stand is made of high-quality bamboo material , free of harmful chemicals and peculiar smell, can bear a heavy load
  • Easy to Assemble – Easy to assemble with hardware included; This clothing shelf measures: 35.4″ L x 19.7″ W x 60.2″ H

Coat hanger

coat hanger

Bamboo Garment Coat Clothes Hanging Racks with top Shelf and Shoe Shelves

Multifunctional 2-tier hanging clothes rack

This attractive sturdy and multifunctional 2-tier hanging clothes rack is a perfect solution for you to storage hats, ties, scarves, bags, coats , sweaters, shoes, even storage boxes and etc, in Hallway, bedroom, living room, balcony, office and shop.You can also use it as a flower stand to place large plants indoors or outdoors.


The top shelf holds your folded clothes, beloved decorations, your favorite plants and more

Top rod provides 52”sufficient hanging space for your daily outfits or seasonal clothes

Made of high-quality bamboo material , free of harmful chemicals and peculiar smell, can bear a heavy load



Wall hanger

Beautiful and practical coat rack

   Enhancing the look and feel of a space is as simple as adding a coat rack to the living room area. These coat racks add a touch of organization. These coat racks come in different shades, materials and styles to bring utility and style to your home, and we offer a variety of different aesthetic options to suit your needs. Whether classic or minimal, we can update your space.

wall hook with shelf

wall hook with shelf

About this item

  • Additional Upper Shelf Design=More Space for Storage:Special upper shelf design, making this wall coat rack more competitive for storage.Our 28.9 Inch Length coat hooks wall mounted has a larger size,not occupying any floor space,providing your room with more extra space.The coat hooks for wall can be installed in a variety of places for daily needs such as bedrooms, entryway, hall, dining room, kitchen and so on.
  • Organized and Easy to Pick Up:You can hang clothes, keys, hats, bags, umbrella and anything you need when you go out. With this wall coat hooks, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring things when you go out. One-stop for all the essentials for going out.
  • Exquisite Handmade Craftsmanship:Solid wood material,which is carefully selected, making the coat hooks with shelf has the characteristics of anti-wear, rust proof, and long life. Each hook can hang items lighter than 11pounds(5Kg).
  • Contracted Style Design:Rustic brown color of this coat rack wall mounted, creating luxurious quality for your sweet home. The contracted style design can be matched with a variety of decoration styles, meeting diverse needs.

Wall Mounted Coat Hook Rack

Wall Mounted Coat Hook Rack

●Do you litter your clothes and keys because you can’t find a place to put them?

●Do you realize that you can’t find your keys or forget your keys when you are about to go out?

●Have you ever been ended up leaving the product in a corner because it is difficult to assemble?

●Are you still using floor racks?

The coat hooks can help you solve all these problems.

Extra Space by the Entryway! Create a Better Space!

The wall hooks for hanging will help you keep your coat, keys, purse, umbrella and other items you need in the same place. All the essentials on the go are at your fingertips.No more panic when you go out, no need to spend time looking for things.

Aesthetic and Practical

Contracted design makes the wall mounted coat rack brief but rather complicated. The color makes it adaptable to a variety of scenes and meet diversified needs.

Entry shelf with hook

Entry shelf with hook

About this item

  • [LARGE SPACE] There is enough space on the wall coat rack with shelf to place things. You can put bags, picture frames or hats. You can hang clothes on wall coat rack with shelf.
  • [SUPER LOAD-BEARING CAPACITY] The coat rack wall mount with shelf itself is made of stainless steel. The construction is firm and stable without bending. And the coat rack wall mount with shelf is installed on the wall by nails. Can bear the weight of 50 pounds.
  • [MULTI-FUNCTION] You can put all kinds of messy things on the metal coat hooks with shelf. For example, keys, wallets, alarm clocks, or bags that you don’t know where to put when you go home and at the entrance shelf. And they will never take up space anymore. The raised safety edge makes the items placed on it more security.
  • [DURABLE] The wall shelf with hooks is made of reinforced high-quality metal, which has strong load-bearing capacity and will not collapse due to heavy objects.

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelves and Hooks

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelves and Hooks

Larger accommodation space and stronger load-bearing capacity


Try to install it in the bathroom, this shower caddy will hold you enough bath products


This is a great choice. This is very suitable for small items that are necessary to go out, and coats that you don’t know where to put when you come home.



Wall hanger

Modern space saving design

Coat racks are very important in homes where the occupants are often out. It’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality coat rack so you can hang your coats and the occasional umbrella and keys in designated places.

Flip 5 Hook Wall Mounted Floating Coat Rack

Flip 5 Hook Wall Mounted Floating Coat Rack

About this item

  • MULTI-PURPOSE WALL MOUNTED HANGER: More than just a coat rack, Umbra Flip is a unique wall mounted rail that features retractable hooks for hanging a variety of items including coats, scarves, purses, umbrellas, towels, clothing and more
  • MODERN SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: Unlike traditional coat racks that eat up valuable floor space, Flip(R) is a wall-mounted solution that is ideal for small living spaces or confined entryways thanks to its sleek, streamlined profile and retractable hooks that stow away when not in use
  • ATTRACTIVE & VERSATILE SOLUTION: Available in a variety of stylish finishes to match your existing decor, Flip(R) looks great and is versatile enough to use on virtually any wall in your entryway, bedroom, bathroom, office, or dorm room
  • EASY TO SET UP & USE: Designed by David Quan for Umbra, Flip 5-Hook Wall Mounted Coat Rack measures 20 x 2.75 x 1.5 inches and comes complete with simple step-by-step installation instructions and all the necessary hardware to easily mount it to your wall in just minutes

Wall-mounted coat rack with 5 retractable hooks

Wall-mounted coat rack with 5 retractable hooks


Umbra Flip Wall Mounted Coat Rack

What is Flip?

Flip is a modern yet functional, wall mounted coat rack which features retractable hooks that will provide you with ample hanging space in virtually every area of your home, office or dorm room.

Space-Saving Design

Flip is a wall-mounted solution that is ideal for small living spaces or confined entryways thanks to its sleek, streamlined profile and retractable hooks that stow away when not in use.

Multi-Purpose Wall Mounted Hanger

Flip can accommodate a surprisingly large number of items making it the perfect spot to hang coats, scarves, purses, and more for you, your family and your guests.

Versatile & DecorativeVersatile & Decorative

Flip helps keeping your home organized while at the same time adding a modern decorative touch to your home, office or dorm room.

Use the coat hooks for all your personal hanging needs like coats, scarfs, purses, umbrellas, bathrobes and much more.

Sleek & Strong

Sleek & Strong

Thanks to its smart flip down hooks, FLIP wall coat rack looks sleek when not in use – but don’t let its compact appearance fool you, FLIP holds a surprisingly 5 lbs load per hook

The Original High Quality Choice

The Original High Quality Choice

Don’t be fooled by the numerous imitation products and cheap copycats, Flip is the original design by David Quan for Umbra, quality and satisfaction guaranteed.

A modern and functional wall-mounted coat rack with retractable hooks that gives you plenty of hanging space where you need it most. With a clever design, multiple hooks retract when not in use, and each hook slides neatly into the grooves of the rail for a sleek look and functional savings. But don’t let the sleek, compact look fool you, as this coat rack can hold a surprising number of items, making it the perfect place to hang coats, scarves, purses, umbrellas, and more for you, your family, and guests.

Thanks to its sleek profile and concealed mounting hardware, this coat rack can be seamlessly mounted to virtually any wall, providing great styling no matter the size, entryway or foyer. But this is just the beginning. The clean, simple design combined with the wide range of available finishes and sizes means it’s also perfect for hanging laundry and other clothing in the bedroom, or towels and bathrobes in the bathroom…you can even use it in the office or dorm room !

Wall hanger

Elegant Accordion Wall Hanging Coat Rack Design

Are you looking for a wall-mounted coat rack to make your entryway look more organized and save space when you use it?

When looking for the best style, choose one that will hold enough weight and can be used for different items other than clothing, as well as one that complements your existing decor to ensure your home looks harmonious. It’s important to make sure you choose one that’s heavy-duty, versatile, and visually pleasing to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Accordion Style Expandable Wall Hanger

Accordion Style Expandable Wall Hanger

About this item

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Unlike other racks made of unsightly wooden pieces, Azi Racks are Made of NATURAL BAMBOO – Long Lasting, & High-Quality BAMBOO – Elegant for any room, Healthy, Eco-Friendly & Sturdy to last longer.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: Expandable Accordion Rack, versatile & adjustable width based on your space & organization requirement – Azi Bamboo Racks are luxurious looking while sturdy and practical – The natural and neutral color goes with any décor style from modern to traditional, rustic contemporary to minimalist & feng shui
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SIZE: Azi BAMBOO RACK extends and expands up to 44’’ and are mounted using 2 high quality triangle hooks on the back. It can be used on vertically any size wall, vertical or horizontal as an instant SPACE MAXIMIZER and ORGANIZER. Each rack comes with 13 pegs (each pegs 2” long) with ¾” groove.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Perfect for HATS, COATS & JACKETS, ROBES, PURSES & BAGS, BASEBALL CAPS, SCARF, BELTS, JEWLERY, UMBRELLAs, DOG LEASHES, COFFEE MUGS, KITCHEN UTENSILS & Much More… Hang them in Kitchen, Pantry, Bathroom, Guest Rooms, Closets & Back of Doors, Hallways, Foyer & Mudrooms or even at School or Office.

High quality hangers

high quality hangers

Wooden Extendable Coat Rack

Wooden Extendable Coat Rack

About this item

  • MATERIAL: Made of high quality pine lumber, healthy and eco-friendly (the actual product maybe slightly different from the pictures due to the different textures of the wooden material or manufacturing variations)
  • ACCORDION DESIGN: This wall mounted wooden coat hook is expandable, easily adjustable to the required width. Good choice for room that needs a little extra space or organization
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Each rack comes with 14 pegs in total, perfect solution for hanging coats, jackets, hats, baseball caps, scarfs, belts, mugs, bags and dog leashes
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: This decorative wooden coat rack hanger is perfect for organizing any entranceway, hallways, foyer, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom or closet
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Come with metal hanging gaskets on back, ready to hang on wall or door

Accordion Design make this wooden coat rack easily adjustable to the required width

  • Made of high quality solid wood, walnut color
  • Classic accordion design offers simple rustic appeal and a vintage look
  • Come with 14 pegs to organize your coats, hats and other accessories
  • Good choice for room that needs a little extra space or organization
  • Can be used in your entranceway, hallways, foyer, bedroom or closet

This multipurpose wooden rack can be used in different rooms to display different goods. Any place you decide to hang this vintage coat rack, it is sure to organize while staying stylish. You can store it in your bedroom for jackets, coats, jewelry; hang it in the kitchen for storing cups, mugs, dish towels and oven mitts; display it in an entryway for hanging hats, purses or scarves


Wall hanger

Modern ornate coat rack

 Wall-mounted coat racks offer multiple hooks to hang your coats, and often have shelf space at the top for hats, gloves, and other accessories. Some have pull-out drawers or open cubbies to store more items

Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Wall Mounted Coat Rack

About this item

  • 【MODERN & GORGEOUS COAT RACK】The coat rack combines function and decoration, perfect for organizing your living space, make your home tidy. While looking like a piece of wall art when not holding clothes and accessories, make an elegant addition to home , school or office.
  • 【SPACE SAVING RACK】Compared with traditional coat rack, the wall mounted coat rack takes full advantage of wall space, no worry about falling and affecting your floor space or decor anymore. Create a unique storage space for your entryway, living Room, bedroom. Say goodbye to your messy home!
  • 【UNIQUE DESIGN】The coat and hat rack made of solid metal finely finished high grade black matte coated, which is stylish and anti-corrosion. There is a cap on the end of the hooks, aim to protect coats from tears and scratches.
  • 【MULTIPURPOSE HOOKS】The tree coat rack features a total of 9 hooks, available for hanging coats, hats, scarves, handbags, umbrellas, keys and other apparel accessories. Our coat hooks total load capacity up to 130 lbs!

Matte Black Twig Coat Rack

Matte Black Twig Coat Rack

Looking for a practical and elegant coat rack?

Just choose us!

Butizone Tree Branch Style Coat Rack not only keep your home more organized, but perfectly match any decor, adds style and tidiness to your living space.

The hanging rack is designed optimally to fit in any corner of your living room, bathroom, bedroom, entryway, or hallways to further maximize the space in your home or office.

9 hooks for maximize your storage space to store your family’s belongings.

Spring buckle for quick and simple Installation, make the frame more stable.

Made of solid metal finely finished high grade black matte coated, which is stylish and anti-corrosion.



Wooden coat rack

Swivel Freestanding Wooden Coat Rack

The coats and bags you wear when you go out are too messy, so why not buy a coat rack!It is simple and convenient to hang clothes and hats that you wear when you go out.

When choosing a coat rack, you need to consider the structure of the coat rack to see if the structure is firm. Secondly, consider whether the coat rack is coordinated with the style and color of your own home, and then consider whether the size is appropriate and whether it can be placed.

Walnut wood coat rack freestanding

walnut wood coat rack freestanding

About this item

  • Durable Material and Sturdy Structure: Made of New Zealand Pine, SIMFLAG wooden coat rack is durable to use for a long period. And two round plates and triangular structure enhance balance & stability efficiently. All makes the clothes stand holds up to 330lbs.
  • 360° Rotary Coat Rack: The freestanding coat tree comes with 13 dual hooks, the 360° rotary design hall tree stand gives more convenient to take or hang apparels.
  • Good Space Saver: This freestanding coat rack can be used for any corner of your room such as the hallway, garage, living room, bedroom etc. Watever you want to hang the umbrella, coat, scarf, bag or shoes, that will be a good choice to organize.
  • Easy to Assemble: Our standing coat rack with storage comes with the details instruction. It only takes ten minutes to complete the assembly by one person.

With 12 double hooks and 2 storage racks

with 12 double hooks and 2 storage racks

SIMFLAG Rotary Freestanding Wooden Coat Rack


  • 360° Rotary,easy to get your stuff.
  • Smooth paint to protect your sweater, skirt from catching on.
  • 2 plates for you to put your bags, book and so on.
  • Triangular structure enhance balance & stability efficiently.
  • Freestanding space-saving design can be located in any corner such as the hallway, garage, living room and bedroom.

Durable New Zealand Wood

Our coat rack is well painted for the New Zealand wood, which will be durable and protect your clothes from scractching.


360° Rotary Plate

SIMFLAG coat rack can rotate 360°, easy for you to reach each branch. We also attached several non-slip pad for the bottom to protect the floor.

Widely Used

This freestanding coat rack can be used for any corner of your room such as the hallway, garage, living room, bedroom etc.

Three Colors for Choose

There are 3 colors for choose, natural, black and walnut.