Newtral First Ergonomic Chair Adaptive Lower Back Support Reduces Lumbar 50% Pressure|auto Chasing Mechanism |Adjustable Headrest&Footrest|4D Mesh


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  • 【Innovative auto chasing mechanism】 The Comfortable Ergonomic Office Chair for Home has an auto chasing mechanism (first in the world for chairs) to ensure that your lower back will get constant support during different sitting postures automatically. The support strength and intensity can be adjusted to suit individual needs, and the low back supporter can be locked into place when necessary.
  • 【Cushioned 4D Armrest】 The armrests can be adjusted in all four dimensions, allowing you to adjust them: up and down for height, forward/backward, they angle inward/outward and also have a sideways angle. A padded surface is provided on the top of the armrests to offer you the best comfort and support.
  • 【Fully Adjustable Headrest】 The NEWTRAL Home Chair with Fully adjustable headrest has dynamically adjustable headrest height and angle, which can be adjusted from the top and bottom. This feature helps to reduce strain on the neck and shoulders when you lean back in the chair.
  • 【The NEWTRAL Conforms to Your Body, and Your Life】 The NEWTRAL Home Office Chair with footrest uses breathable Korea’s filo back mesh. It provides optimal airflow to avoid sweating and sticking to the back of the chair, while its softness conforms to your body.
  • 【Backrest with 5 Height Locking Position】 This Ergonomic Home Chair with adjustable backrest can adjust the backrest height up and down to meet the height needs of most people, intelligently fitting the waist for good low back support to relieve back pain.
  • 【Certified quality】 The Reclining Office Desk Chair is made of high-quality KGS classes 4 cylinders made in Korea, and certified by TUV/BIFMA/SGS with over 12000+ pressure test cycles. Durable and able to withstand 300 lbs.
  • 【American Ergonomist Endorsement】 IRIS SOKOL, Founder of Ergowell, LLC,“The lumbar function in the NEWTRAL Chair is one of the most unique lumbar supports I have seen, and I have been evaluating ergonomic chairs and products since the late 80’s.”
  • 【Footrest Support】 Using an extended footrest allows you to rest your legs and enjoy optimal reclining comfort. By supporting the lower limbs with the footrest, you are able to find the ideal position for taking a nap, or break. Elevating your legs also helps to increase blood flow, reduces varicose veins, and allows you to work in reclining position using a lap desk in your lap with a laptop. This is an excellent way to work that puts your body into an ideal position that is not only incredibly comfortable, but is also s an ideal ergonomically correct posture.
  • 【126° Tilt for a Comfortable Nap】 Functional synchro-tilt mechanism allows for angle adjustments in four positions. The backrest tension can be adjusted to many different levels based on body weight for improved responsiveness and flexibility. This unique feature allows you recline in comfort during your lunch break at work, or at home.
  • 【7cm High-Density Sponge Cushion Seat】 The Seat cushion consists of high-density foam that supports your body and ensures an utmost pleasant feel even for prolonged periods of sitting. Synchro-tilt mechanism and seat depth adjustment ensure users sit correctly and get the support they need for all-day comfort.

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